Smile and be happy... things could be worse... Trust the Lord!

Don't Judge Others... Love Them With The Lords Love!

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Love, the Lords Key

Love, the Lords mightiest key to open every door
the wind beneath the wings to make eagles soar
Love, the glue to mend the most broken heart
the strength to give us all a brand new start

Love, the power to bring the wicked to their knees
the peace to quiet and calm the roughest of seas
Love, the gentle cloth to dry all of our tears
the courage to stand and to face our fears

Love, the light that guides our way
the control to watch what we say
Love, the Lords mightiest key
the reason we've been set free

Love, a dying breath on the cross in Calvary
the restraint needed to save you and me
Love, the victory over death and the grave
redemption for the world he came to save

Love, in any language is still the same
the one and true universal name
Love, the Lords mightiest key to open every door
Yeshua is loves name, Yeshua is the key forever more

Servant Of The Lord Yeshua - 1999

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