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I Love You!

I have loved you with a love that has no end.
All I have asked in return is to be your friend.
I have given unconditionally my heart to you
My love will never cease, no matter what you do.

I have still loved you, even when you hated me,
you wished I would leave, my face to no longer see
I have still loved you, even when you cursed my name,
you played with my heart, as if it was just another game.

I have given you everything that I have to give
I have given you my life so that you could live.
You have rejected me, so often pushing me away
and yet I still love you, no matter what you say.

I forgive you in an instant, everytime you call on me
I hold no grudges against you, I just want you to see
how much I love you, that I will always care,
that I will always come, I will always be there.

My love for you is my greatest gift that I can give.
My life I gave you on Calvery, so that you could live
I ask that you love others just as I love you
and to let my love flow in all that you do.

Servant Of The Lord 2001


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