Smile and be happy... things could be worse... Trust the Lord!

NOTE: Yeshua Is The TRUE Name Of the One We Have Come To Call Jesus!

A Word From The Lord:

"My children won't listen to me. They are listening to their own ideas, their own knowledge, their own understanding and their own traditions."

How true this is!

The Lord is speaking to his children, but they are so sure they know what, how, when and where that they are not hearing what he is saying to them. Our knowledge is a filter to the voice of the Lord! He can't tell us anything different than what we think we already know! There is a move of God coming, but those who think they already have the answers, will not be ready for it!

Seek him, and listen to what he is saying! Open your hearts and minds, listen and obey his voice! The move of God will come, and it will come his way and in his time which is always perfect! Pray and draw nearer to him, as he draws nearer to you! Develope a relationship with our Lord based on love and faith! Let go of all your own knowledge and traditions, and hear what Yeshua is saying!

May Yeshua bless and lead you into all truth and rightousness!

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