Smile and be happy... things could be worse... Trust the Lord!

Your Father Loves YOU!

No matter how far away your father is from you
No matter your mistakes, no matter what things you've done wrong
His love is still there and his love is always true
His shoulder is there to cry on, his ears still listening to your song

No matter how many times you told him that you hated him
No matter how messed up your life has been along the way
His love is a bright light, even when your lights grown dim
His arms always open to hold you no matter what you say

He smiles at the good things that happen along your path
He cries when your life is hurting and when your in pain
He loves to see you smile, he loves to hear you laugh
He tries to shelter you from the wind and from the rain

His love for you is unconditional, he loves you just the way you are
Your father only wants you to be happy in everything that you do
He wants to stay close to you, even when you have run away so far
He understands you more than you realize and that is so very true

Your true Father is the one who's love your broken heart can mend
He is the one who created the real you, the soul inside your heart
He is also your God, your Savior and he is your very best friend
He will be there for you anytime, just as he has been from the start

Even if you don't believe that he is real, his love for you is still there
Even when you give up, he will still love you no matter what you say
Your Father wants to be close to you, and all it takes is a little prayer
Just talk to him as your friend, your father, each and every day


Servant Of The Lord


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